Adilabad village comes alive with Gusadi tribal dance

Getting a really feel of the hyperlink between the current and the previous by a wealthy, cultural and historic pageant of the Gonds of Adilabad!

Yes, for 2 photographers Ok. Santhosh Kumar and veteran Kondapalli Sarma, who descended on village Modi to know the famed Gusadi dance, which is a part of the most important pageant of Raj Gonds of Adilabad, it was an expertise they might love to recollect without end.

Far away from the madding crowd, a comparatively obscure village of Modi in Adilabad district comes alive, because of the standard, century-old Gusadi dance, they stated.

“The tribals dressed in colourful costumes and decorated with ornaments visit the neighbouring villages in troupes, singing and dancing. And this is somewhat a mutual ritual with the residents reciprocating the same to the guests the next time around,” the duo stated.

“The festival also marks the end of the harvest and yield of crops in hamlets. The tribals worship Yethmasurpen or God of soul, and God Jangu Bai, by placing musical instruments, such as Dappu, Ghumela, Dhol, Vetti, Karra, Pepri and Thudum,” Santhosh stated.

The Dandari dance troupe members, solely male members of households, placed on a turban of peacock feathers and horns of the deer, synthetic beard and moustaches and goatskin to cowl their our bodies.

A pageant, which has turn out to be synonymous with the wealthy heritage of Adilabad attracting guests from remote locations previous the fortnight of Deepavali, successfully begins on a full moon day and goes on until the 14th day of the fortnight, stated Sarma.

Interestingly, they don’t have a shower until the 14-day pageant ends! Kanaka Raju, exponent of this lovely Gusadi dance, was conferred with the celebrated Padmashri award for selling it.

The Gusadi dance, which could properly resemble the perfect of the fabled African folks artistes by way of vibrant attires and drum beats, continues to be the hyperlink between the current and the previous and extra considerably, serves as a delicate reminder that this has survived the onslaught of technological advances sweeping the world over.

“Honestly, we heard a lot about this but this is the first time we got the real feel when we were there right in the midst of this amazing atmosphere. It clearly transported us to a different world,” stated the duo after capturing a few of the greatest photos from the pageant.

V.V. Subrahmanyam , 2021-11-04 00:30:46

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